How, and where, did this madhouse start? Well, Ferret Fair was born out of a huge love and admiration for one of the most incredible creatures on this planet: ferrets. I’m not sure when I first laid eyes on a ferret, but it must’ve been somewhere when I was still a kid. Much like most people, I had no idea what I was looking at, haha! But I liked what I was seeing. Back then I had no idea my interest in the bouncy house weasels would grow the way it did.

I think it’s awesome I grew up in an animal-loving household. There were always pets around to cuddle, annoy, and play with. Ferrets however, were another matter. My parents, at first, didn’t approve. Looking back, that was a good thing. I decided to use my time well, and study ferrets online and in books. I had a little journal where I’d collect every piece of information that I found, and joined all kinds of ferret forums (yes, forums are ancient, I know.) to ask questions and learn from people who had what I wanted so very badly: ferrets! I met all kinds of lovely people, and my knowledge about ferrets grew every single day.

Somewhere around the time I finished high-school (and after a long long period of harassing my parents), I was allowed to bring two ferrets in our home. I’ll never forget the magical moment! 🙂